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Bruce Smithhammer
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R2 –

I would say that the finger sizes correspond well to the overall size. A little on the ‘snug’ side when I first got it, which is good because it will stretch a bit. I did what I usually do with all of my leather products – worked in a good treatment of Montana Pitch to moisturize and soften the leather (except for the tips), and that helps too.

I’ve been shooting an American Leathers ‘Big Shot’ for the last several years, and it’s a really nice glove as well. The glove is still nowhere near being worn out, but the nylon stalls have developed deep grooves that I’ve noticed affecting my shot lately. Also, I find the stalls to be just a hair short for my tastes. I always feel like I’m right at the edge of the stall when I hook the string. Still, that’s a personal fit issue, not a shortcoming of the glove, and it’s lasted longer than any other glove I’ve used – I just wanted to try something different. And the ‘Super’ glove seems to be fitting my bill really well so far – if it proves to be anywhere near as long-lasting as the Big Shot, I’m sold.