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That was pretty impressive the broadhead on broadhead hit you posted. Now can it take down a elk with the hide of a 475# hog and the heart of a lion after hitting a sapling from 42 yds with a 16 mile an hour cross wind and hail coming dowm. Well, can it I am waiting along with everyone else here on this site. Just a little humor, take it easy. Nice little promo for the head and the next time I need to shoot through another head this will be my choice. Take it easy just a little more humor. We can all agree that most heads today are of very good quality, and all will get the job done. I have the same debates concerning pistols and which caliber is best for self defense. I have a .40 cal Sig p226 great self defense caliber right with the .357 mag in one shot stops. I also have a colt 1911 in .45 cal that will take the fight out of most threats. We then have the people who carry the 9mm, who catch grief about how the 9mm does not have the same one shot stopping power of the .40 cal and .45 and while these are my caliber’s of choice I know the 9mm has its place, and I have yet to find someone who would rather be shot with the later.