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Steve Sr.
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You’re not buying enough to share with us????????? 😯


I’ll end up with 3 myself. I do feel I should check the cost of the GPS hoohickeys you can have put in your beloved pets for the arrow though. 😀

I wonder how heavy they are? Will they take a beating? If they weigh 75-100 grains……HMMMMM!


I wanted three before now but…..it seems time is only short for those waiting for things to get done, not those doing them. Speaking of personal things in the works, not ABS but do have to wonder. Are they having trouble GETTING them or do they sell THAT WELL?

I’ve a lot of patience with Dewey, my kids, some SELECT friends but waiting for an order is NOT my strong point and I haven’t been able to order them yet. Drat. Scratch one season to use them.

Price considered and all, I attempted to find some USED that someone would sell. No bites.

That says something at least. Those that have them, wont let go of them. 8)

I do like the Abowyers but I can’t help but drool looking at the Ashby head. Besides, I’ll be the only person probably on the planet that has more money invested (and it IS an investment, IMHO) in a half dozen arrows and heads than what he paid for his truck!! :lol::lol::lol:

God Bless!!
Steve Sr.