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Here’s my $0.02…

I am in the same boat as you. I have only recently picked up traditional archery. I am absolutely awful. I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if you nailed me to it. That said, I really enjoy the learning experience. Also, I guess I really see how much (little) of a true hunter I am. Not saying this is the case for you, but I have said “If only I had my rifle” so many times this year, I am thinking of getting a t-shirt made. But another thing I like is the surprises. For example, I cannot shoot a 3D target. I get everything from snout to tail, leaving out the vitals. That’s at 10 yards. On a regular ring-style target, I get in the colors over 90%, also at 10 yards. Then, I was really bored while waiting for some suicidal deer to come along and stand next to me broadside, so I started shooting dead branches (that fell to the ground). Amazingly enough, I am getting groupings that are tighter than any other type of target practice. I am not saying I am splitting arrows, but getting vitals-sized groupings. I am talking 10/10 at 10 yards, and 8/10 at 20.

Point I am trying to make is have fun. Make it an experience. Forget what you know about the compound. I found that gets in the way for me. Start from scratch and have some fun. Traditional archery was the first time I ever shot sitting with my back to a tree, kneeling on both knees, on one knee, leaning, etc. I have a blast. I still am not that great, and would not shoot out past 10-15 yards at an animal, but targets are different. Then, with time, I get a little better, but more importantly, I start to be able to tell what mistake(s) I made when a shot goes bad. Doesn’t mean I am good, but I am enjoying the journey. I will never get to the level I was at with my rifle or compound. Truth is, I don’t want to. This forces me to HUNT, not sit 300 yards away until something crosses my shooting lane. I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. I know a bunch of guys that do it that way, and they are some of the most ethical hunters out there. It’s just not for me.

Sorry to ramble. Point is, have fun. If you do, the accuracy will come naturally. Try 3-under, play with your arrow’s spine, fletching, etc. Talk to archers who have done it for a while. Get tips, try them out, do what works, don’t do what doesn’t. Just have fun, it really is that simple. Be well.