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William Warren
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I was still learning trad shooting as a young man when compounds came on the scene so I was convinced to try the new bows. After hunting that way a couple of years I went back to my tradbows. So I had some experience that many crossover shooters don’t have but the one thing I realized after awhile which surprised me was that all the while I was shooting a compound I was developing form which I was able to carry over to my trad bow. The only thing I did different was I did not use a peep, just a kisser button and a 2 pin sight on my trad bow. Soon I realized form mattered more than the sights and I removed them and I’ve been without sights for 30 years. It is form that matters and try a lower weight bow. I used to shoot 62# with 50% let off. My trad bows were 47# and 50# and I had trouble with the 50# bow but years of shooting fixed that. To repeat others, start at 10 yds until you can stack em then move back to 15 and so on. This might take awhile but it is worth it. And it works. Pick a spot and don’t look away until the arrow is there. Don’t move your bow hand to see where it hit. Hold our form through the shot. That’s all I’ve got. Good Luck