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Yes Steve,

Jeff and Jen are great folks. Really cool to see well made, hand crafted bows actually being built in Jersey. Who’da thunk 😯 At a reasonable price no less ❗ ..can’t wait to see it too…All African Olive with Olive riser (really highly figured…saw some of the wood today, still needs to order block for riser)and Offset by either dark cocobolo or ebony face/tips. Jeff saying he’ll give it to me at Whittingham…perhaps you can help partake in its innaugural shoot 😀

I will be at Whittingham, in fact Jeff and I just discussing it this am. We also talked about Denton Hills (I’ve never been and he had some VERY pointed things to think about regarding that event ) PM me and we can set up some details as time draws near…love to get together face to face and chat with TradBow Brethren!!

You gotta promise though not to disclose to anyone my shooting “prowess” 😳 😆

Looking forward to it!

Be well >>>–> 😆