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Stephen Graf
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Sounds like we may have the beginning of a pissing contest here…:shock:

I don’t know what you boys are complaining about. I shoot my 42 grain arrows out of my 973 lb double cammed ultra avenger magnum patriot killer compound with stick-em-good technology and they fly good out to 200 yards.

Why just the other day I shot into a herd-o-deer at 160 yards and I’m sure I stuck one good, I just didn’t have the time to go see. No big deal, there’s always next time.

And as for cabela’s, I love their catalog. Where else could a serious bowhunter get all the accessories necessary to rig up his 4 wheeler to hold his stick-em-good compound is ready-to-shoot position and have it delivered fully assembled to his Cabela’s $10,000 guided ultra hunt of a lifetime drop camp?

You guys are way off.