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Squirrel Master
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WOW!! Ive been shooting for about 2 months now and you guys just blew my mind. Im only hunting squirrel right now but plan on moving up to hogs and white tail as soon as I can “one shot one kill” my target at any given distance out to 30 yds. Im not trying to sharp shoot but I do want to be able to put it in the kill zone without fail. As much as I enjoyed this read and would like to take to tuning up my arrows, I think Im just gonna work on my consistency for now. But what fun to look forward to later. 😀

Oh, BTW, Im running gold tip 3555, 100 gr field tip, 3 4″ parabellums all weighing in at 389 grns and measuring nock throat to field tip end Im getting 9.9% FOC. Old glass powered Fred Bear Kodiak Magnum 50#. 62″ bow.