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Dr. Ed Ashby wrote: Smithhammer, your post prompted me to take a look around at a few sites. I see what you’re talking about, and it’s not just with EFOC items. Not to worry though. I’m long past the point of trying to convince those who have closed minds … but I won’t hold back on reporting what the data shows. If it offends some, well, that’s the way things go, and I won’t waste my time in meaningless back and forths with such folks.

Long ago I got tired of never hearing a bad word about any product, as though every product on the market (that pays to advertise) is perfect in all aspects. Not every product is perfect in every regard. In fact few (if any) are totally perfect; but that some things work better then others can not be questioned.

Some Trad archers seem to get offended if anything even slightly less than glowing is said about a product they personally like or about a concept that seems diffrent to what they use, but are quick to point out all the misleading advertizing and bad products and performance concepts found in the ‘compound media’. It’s a glaring double-standard.

It was a lack of honest, reliable information, untainted by any personal-gain motive, that started me on my personal quest ot find answers as to what factors affect an arrow’s terminal performance, how they affect termianl performance, and how much effect they have. This I wish to leave to those that will follow. If it prevents the wounding and loss of just a few animals it is more than worth enduring the ‘slings and arrows’ of the detractors.


Hang in there Dr. Ashby!!! Keep up the quality research!!!