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Matt Steed
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marcb; the good news is that your concerned. You already have the mindset of a Bowhunter. Sounds like your arrow setup is sufficient for whitetail. The Magnus Stinger is a good broadhead from everything I have read. You tried everything in your power to recover the animal; that’s all you can do. Keep hunting and don’t give up. I lost a doe this year during the first week of season. I know how you feel. I felt the same way. I also learned from my mistakes and want make them again. Don’t doubt your setup; that’s the worst thing you can do. There is a guy in Georgia ( Robert Carter ) who has killed over 150 deer with traditional equipment. He says there is no magic broadhead; that they will all do there job; if we do ours. Robert has told me several times when he hits a deer in the shoulder; he wished he had a narrow two blade. When he hit the deer a little far back; he wished he had a big Treeshark or three blade. Keep shooting and keep hunting. The greatest bowhunters that you can find will all tell you they have lost an animal before.

God bless.