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Marc Britten
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I did not get pass through, though based on the blood on the arrow I believe that I got around 12 inches or more of penetration. There’s hair on it up to 13 inches from the tip on one side and slightly less on the other.

The blood was bright red.

At one point we found what we believe was a clot, and the blood trail picked up quite a bit after that for 50y or so until it vanished.

I can shoot a between 22 and 24 on a five spot target at 20, and could maintain a hand sized group out to 40 last month before the elk trip.

I’m using magnus stinger 2 blade, though may be switching based on this.

The arrow was just over 500grain. Full length black eagle vintage 400. Brass insert 125 grain broadhead.

Edit: sorry rushed the response while leaving for work. Thanks for the response, I’ve repaired the shot so many times that I’m sure my belief had over wrote what happened. Just trying to make sense of it.