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Stephen Graf
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I don’t know where to start. If I understand you right, you have never lost a deer before. If this is so, you should count yourself very lucky. And you are a hero to me. Just the other day I was figuring how many deer I have harvested. And the number came out about the same as yours. But I must say that I have lost more than one. In fact, I am currently suffering the misery of losing one right now. I can tell you the feeling lasts about a week for me. I have a hard time going back out there until the feeling leaves. I double and triple up on the practice. I berate myself. Nothing seems to help but time. In the end though, I believe that nothing improves the hunter spirit like a little humble pie. It doesn’t taste good, but it does build strength, fortitude, and wisdom. Thank you for sharing your misery. It helped me realize I am not alone. If a person admits they have lost one, I think it helps them to keep it from happening again… too soon anyway. Good luck tracking your doe and I hope you find it. Thanks again for sharing your story. It takes guts to share not only the good, but the bad.