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Hubertus wrote: [quote=SteveMcD]I’ve got to disagree with this one. Here’s my take:
If you’re really worried about hypothermia you’re going to need something hartier than candy. My choice would be jerky (fat+protein=warmth). Any vegitarians here to object? 😆 Oatmeal would be good too if you are settling down with a fire to cook it up on.

Then we agree to politely disagree.. Tried Jerky… does nothing to relieve hunger pains. And does not provide necesary high calorie burning carbs to covert into body sugar. It is the body sugar that provides quick fuel to the body core. There wouldn’t be any sugar high to worry about. I have to agree with Hiram on the Trail Mix though, a wise choice. Even Snickers bars freeze which can be murder on the teeth.