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In just simple shooting I’m kinda on the fence if kneeling is more or less accurate. That is probably because when hunting when it is called for its still broken ground, or brush or whatever and so I’m still out of position in reference to good repeatable form. So its kinda hard to come to a real conclusion on the matter. However last year I did hit on something that undeniably improved my accuracy for target shooting.

It was at Rancho Neblina and we were on a string of targets along a bare ridge top. It was insanely windy in gusts. By kneeling down I pulled more of my body out of the wind and no longer felt the wind shoving me around or trying to blow the arrow off the shelf. Sure once launched, the arrow is going to do whatever its going to do. But by getting down out of the wind I became a more stable launch platform. Sure people looked at me like I was nuts, as it “appeared” that there was no good reason to kneel down. No brush or anything to get through. But I cleaned that string while others could barely get a shot off much less actually hit anything.

So as for hunting, we develop good form and execution, and practice that. And when we get that down, we work on trying to prepare for when things aren’t optimal and practice to learn just how out of form we can get and still have a good shot and what being out of form does to our effective range and accuracy. So I imagine that someday it will be a windy day and knowing to make the effort to be down and out of the wind will pay off. So although I figured it out while target shooting, maybe someday there will be a carry over.