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David Petersen
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Berniebac, you and your views are quite welcome here. I just wish your screen name were easier to spell. 😛

There are two basic points of great import that you and Bruce and Ralph bring up here:

First is the constant push push push by people with too much money and insufficient humanity to take hunting out of the democratic realm and turn it in their favor, as they are doing with the rest of life, aka the European model, which is an ugly model indeed. Nothing personal toward any residents of these places, but by way of examples the outstanding examples in N. America heading down this dark trail are Texas down here and Alberta up there. This is why we must defend every little piece of the N. American Model for Wildlife Conservation, currently under strongest attack from the lie-named Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (with whom RMEF has joined in their wolf pogrom).

The other important point, essential to maintain a workable NA Model, is protection of publicly owned wildlife habitat.

Given these threats it is my firm opinion that any sportsmen and women today, anywhere in N.A., who simply enjoy the resources we still have in many places and not only don’t contribute to the defense of public lands and the NA Model, but far worse, who vote for politicians* who are known to work for the industrialization and privatization of public wildlife habitat, these folks, from our own ranks, due to their ostrich head-in-sand view of life, are bigger threats to the future of democratic hunting in N.A. then are the antis. As another member here has stated, “May their children inherit their dreams!”

*Given this site’s wise prohibition against political, religious and other high-voltage discussions, this is as far as we can or need to take the political angle here–just to point out that how we vote directly, as time ticks forward, affects the future of the NA Model and democratic hunting in America(s). If not fur us old farts, certainly for our kids and grandkids, yours as well as mine.