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Bernie Clancey
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DavidP, I think you have hit it right on the mark. The only problem is when listening to candidates running for office they often say one thing to get elected, then do another once in office. A local issue I am watching closely is Sunday hunting. It has never been allowed here. Recently, while sitting in the opposition, members introduced a law that would permit Sunday hunting. The governing party defeated this bill.

With a recent election, these former opposition members are now forming the government. They only had a short session in the legislature, but they did not re-introduce their law permitting Sunday hunting. Maybe they will in the future. I will be watching to see. But, they promised it while in opposition, will they make it happen when they have the power to bring it in.

Regardless, listen carefully, and beware of smiling ba$tar#s.

I also think the auction approach to selling tags will make the small guy a poacher in the future. I hope it never comes to that.