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Tom-Wisconsin wrote: ToddRvs

Thanks very much for your service to your country from another vet. I shoot a 40# at 28″ recurve. My draw is closer to 29 inches. Have rotator cuff problem. Here is my set up for what it’s worth.

GT expeditions hunters 3555
Spine 0.500
Straightness 0.600 +/-
30” cut to cut
30.75 inches BOP
7.4 gpi
222 grains
9 gr nock
6.9 gr fletching
100 gr brass inserts
125 gr steel adaptor
175 gr Abowyer Brown Bear single bevel
brass washer 5 gr
Balance pt 24.75 “
FOC 30.48%
645-650 gr total wt

Tom has provided an excellent example of great set-up!