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Nope, was not inferred! Definitely not Centaur, Your not in the catagory this thread defines. If I saw you on Missionary Ridge with a trsdbow on a 4 wheeler, you would be the first and I would be dis-heartend. Federal Land ATV use is my concern. I drive 1,000 miles to the wilderness area of the Wiminuche and have these Slobs running the roads with compounds and muzzleloaders onboard. I see them in Illegal areas running the Elk out, and disturbing me while I TRY TO SLEEP AT NIGHT RUNNING THE ROADS. I want them gone! State refuges have already outlawed them my state. They represent the Slobs code of hunting which is: Rape and Plunder the wildlife and the habitat just to achieve the kill. They do it by any means. Hard to weed these out unless LEO”s catch them. Once caught they should go to jail! Thieves they are! to you and to the resources. Thank you for your service! We all walk free due to you and Dave, and many others. The sacrificial blood of those who never returned= Respect, honor!:)