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Larry O. Fischer
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The 4-wheeler is the devil’s spawn! They only have one legitimate purpose and that is farm and ranch work. The National Forest lands and BLM lands have been damaged beyond repair by years of abuse. Yes, I’ve heard all of the arguments, we need them to get out our game, I only use them to access the trailhead, or my favorite one is “I have never taken mine off road.” Well someone has and is continuing to do so. Had a conversation with a bowhunter last week in Eastern Idaho where ATV use by hunters is restricted to roads that allow fullsize vehicles. I tried to reason with him, before he headed up a closed trail, no he said it is open, and drove right past me. that is the norm here in the west.I’m talking Public land yours, mine and our children, shouldn’t it matter to you that these people on their machines are spoiling your heritage?