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I would not expect much help from the Forest Service. Last week I hunted in the Piedra Primitive area northwest of Pagosa Springs and had an outfitter pack me in and drop my partner and me off in a drop camp. Our outfitter advised me that the week before there had been 2 guys on 2-stroke dirt bikes from the FS up where we were gonna be. Great:roll: Remember…this area is a primitive area and off limits to any motorized vehicles. Supposedly, they had a “special” permit to be up there so they could take pictures of the trails. Our outfitter said he caught them racing their bikes all over hell and creation and doing stunts on their bikes. When we got up there we could see their tracks everywhere:evil: As a result the hunting was terrible, albeit, it was very hot last week. Nevertheless, this did not preclude me from killing a bull, but unfortunately, that was the only elk we saw all week.

So…if the national forest service doesn’t have enough sense to keep their own personnel from riding around the country side on ATV’s in a primitive area during hunting season (Why the hell they couldn’t do their picture taking during the summer????:evil:) then I wouldn’t expect them to be very proactive for our cause.

Personally, I think they should ban ATV’s altogether from the national forest. They are a nuisance and a disruption to wildlife and real hunters.