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Alexandre Bugnon
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paleoman wrote:

I get all messed up when I have too many options. More than 1 or 2 bows I can’t process it:lol:

Paleo, maan, I get all messed up with more than just one bow!! Above, I listed my new bow as my 2013 rig…. Well, after practicing again and again with it, I became pretty good with it. After all it is almost identical in form and specs as my Shrew CH. but i still had that annoying feeling of unease shooting it, so I went back to my shrew just out of curiosity, and man, what a difference!!! With my shrew, I just KNOW I’m gonna hit whatever I’m aiming at… Almost every time! My level of confidence shooting that bow is IT! 99% baby! and when hitting the woods trying to kill animals, I won’t settle for less than that. So I’m back to my beloved shrew, the only bow I’ve shot for 3 years! :D:D