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Mark Turton
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Steve, you may have to improvise with some weight washers up front behind the head, just be careful with that thing in public.

Going back to what we were discussing earlier single bevel wound characteristics and path I mentioned this to a friend who has spent far to long at university and his comments are as follows:

‘One of the instructors on the course I’m going on did part of his masters degree in studying the wound channel and penetration of broadheads into animals. He did it as a Uni project shooting from known power bows at known distances into (dead, obviously) pigs torso’s and measuring and reporting on the results

I will speak to him next week and see if he can answer, If not when I get back I will dig out some of my books on dynamics. This is something you could calculate (approximately) as this would be sufficient enough work to commission a research project into, not a 10 minute job!’

I suggested that he was unlikely to get a commission but Tradbow might publish his work, and it is for the greater good of the community and he should just be grateful he can help, well that met with silence, students.

I await with interest his comments, Mark.