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Good thread, I like the Ashby reports and what they teach – with that being said for the most part I am shooting 100lb whitetails. I still use some of if not all of his research in building arrows. I even have some of the Ashby heads to use this yr. Before this I mainly used 3 bladed jobbers – and still will but behind that 3 bladed jobber is an 100 grain steel adapter along with an internal footing as Ashby recommends.
Guess my thoughts on the ashby research is to use parts and pieces to optimize your arrow no matter if you tip it with whatever single or double bevel, 2, 3 or 4 bladed. I get better flight charachteristics as well as an arrow that hits like a freight train. Seen many 100lb whitetails that ran off without an exit wound and I WANT that exit wound every time.
Oh yeah that 3 bladed jobber this yr will be single bevel! HAH!


I think I could take out a ball joint (100lb whitetail) with my setup now and the Ashby head. Really do not want to find out though!!!!:wink: