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I have read all the TBM Ashby articles and most of his research in the library here, and the way I recall it is that, as Michael and others say here, single bevel and feather twist matching is important for penetration, but has no notable influence on flight since the feathers greatly overcome those little broadhead edges as wind planes. However, Ed cautions against miss-matching as it can actually decrease penetration, whereas the whole idea behind single-bevel heads is to enhance penetration. This, in addition to sharpening challenges, was long a problem with the Grizzly single-bevels which came only in right-bevel while most feathers turn left. I now have some of the new El Grande 200 grains in left-bevel, which fly like A4’s, and which I plan to use for elk this year. Of course, several other broadhead makers are now offering right and left bevel aside from Grizzly. There’s simply no point in miss-matching. bloodless (not really)