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Definitely some great evidence here, guys, as to what can happen with well-thought out equipment. I typically shoot 31 1/2″ 2117’s with a 150 gr. Wensel (total weight of about 585-590), and the doe I killed a couple years ago only took a couple jumps, stood around for a few seconds and walked off to die in the bushes about 40-50 yards from the impact point. The shot was a complete pass through, including a nicely cut center-punched rib. However, I have done a little bit of my own experimenting with my target backstop, and the 3 blades don’t get through as nicely as even a cheap 2-bladed bear head will. The backstop is a 4’x 4′ piece of conveyor belt material from a lumber mill here. It’s about 1/2″ thick. The two-blades will actually pull about 4-6″ of shaft through the belting, whereas the 3-blades generally won’t pull more than 2″ of shaft through. This tells me that I may have problems with large-bone penetration with my Wensels, especially if I catch a shoulder blade or something similar on an elk, bear or a bigger whitetail or mulie buck. Smaller does probably won’t pose too much problem, but you never know. I do have one question, though. What are some good solid single-piece, single-bevel, two-blade broadheads that don’t require a glue-in screw-in adapter? If I could get a few ideas from the more experienced shooters and hunters in here, it would help me immensely. Thank you.