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I actually use an ultra-light hiker pack from G0-Lite. I use a 3 person kelty tent so I can sleep with my gear out of the weather. I do have a cabelas extrenal frame pack but that frame stays in the truck unless i need to pack out meat. I take the first load in the go-lite and return with the frame empty. I learned a lesson with going as light as possible.

Jmcdonald45 wrote: [quote=two4hooking]Don’t carry anything you don’t need. Go light and know your equipment and hopefully each peice has more than one use. Try to get used to sleeping without oxygen 😯

Have a blast…you will be hooked!

On the subject of gear what type of tent and pack would you all suggest. I was thinking a one man maybe two man bivy tent and thinking an internal frame pack. But read a lot of good things about external frames.