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  • R2R2
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    Some folks (me) consider this organized. Others (wife) consider it chaos.

    At least I know where I put it… if I get it that far anyway….

    I have more stuff but it’s “hid” in the man cave…

  • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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    Chaos is good.

  • Stephen Graf
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    Pegboard had to have been invented by a man.

    You Texas boys are are something else.  Who but a Texan would think to keep their grass in the house?

  • R2R2
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    It’s the only thing green in the panhandle other than the yucca’s… and one dandelion that has survived twice below 0* temperatures.


  • Drew Dittmer
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    That is definitely organized!

  • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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    Yeah, I can’t walk in my man cave right now. Got to do some serious straightening up in there!

    At least R2 has grass growing in his man cave.

  • peter Vermouthpeter Vermouth
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    Your wife should be grateful. You should see my “middle room” where I tie flies. I have been buying fly fishing stuff I don’t need for 50 years, someday I might find the stuff I do need.
    We moved last March, so I have a basement now… I have tried to organise it, but it isn’t big enough. Starting to build bows down there (remember couple years ago I was making bows in the kitchen) Now I don’t have to sweep the floor as much. 🙂
    I bought a 3 1/2″ planer, and boy does it make sawdust. I have enough to cover the floor of several bars.

  • OldFlyfisher56
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    I tell all my fishing and hunting buddies – When I’m gone don’t miss the yard sale. My biggest worry is that my wife will sell the stuff for what she thinks I paid for it.

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