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    I just received the APR/May TBM.  Thank you David for a great review of a classic book series that I’ve loved since childhood.  AND, was very responsible for me being an archer at all .  The Burroughs’ Tarzan Series.  If someone is able to “live” in the world created by the author and without nit picking the series and many other Burroughs stories are a great escape from real word “stuff.” (Pelucidar, John Carter of Mars,  Venus, etc)  But you do need imagination and the ability to “allow” that world to exist.  AND, remember these books were written in the early 20th century so social views and attitudes have changed A LOT.

    The stories as David points out are really maltreated by the movie industry and so many, I think, have really slanted views of the story.  The whole series is available on your Kindle (if I can say that here) and for free I think.

    Thanks again David for the review.



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