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  • Stephen Graf
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    There was a thread back a while the subject of which was reading suggestions.  I tried to use the search tool to find it, but was unable to locate it.

    So two things…

    Robin, can you find it easier than I can?  I think Bruce Smithhammer might have been the one that started it.

    Anyone have any suggestions for some good reading?  By good I mean nature, archery, philosophy, ecology type stuff…

  • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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    I found a couple of posts on books. Some for newbies, favorite non-hunting books, etc. This one looked the closest to what you described.

    New books

    I will try to find a better search function for the forum.

  • Stephen Graf
    Post count: 2127

    That would be the one, thanks.  I bookmarked it.

    When my reading inspiration is running low, I can just throw a dart at this post and get a new direction.  Thanks.

  • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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    Fast becoming one of my favorites is The Island Within, by Richard Nelson. I’m reading it slowly, savoring every line. I got that idea in that thread, I think. Also started From Here to Eternity, although it’s not a trad book. Thin Red Line is my all time favorite book and movie. A scene in the older version of the movie shows thousands of fruit bats flying out of the jungle. It’s worth seeing it just for that. The newer version gives homage to that, but with only one bat. Times…

    It’s time to get out the reference books now, with Spring here, and freshen up on wild flowers and ferns.

    best, dwc


  • Stephen Graf
    Post count: 2127

    Hey David, good to see you posting again.  Been wondering where you were off to.

    I too like the Island Within.  Fantastic book.

  • paleoman
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    The Maine Woods. By Henry David Thoreau. A classic account of a trip to the Maine wilderness of the 1850’s.

  • Col MikeCol Mike
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    For those of you interested in pre-Clovis Americans Adovasio’s new one Strangers in a New World is a must buy. Pricey but worth it. Section one covers where, how, and what were they doing. Section two covers every Clovis, Folsom, and pre-Clovis sight in great detail. Just the pictures and illustrations are worth the price. You won’t be dissapointed.

    Semper Fi


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