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  • RiverwolfRiverwolf
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    beech ridgeI have lived , fished , trapped , hunted Ohio all my life …..Witnessed much of the late 60’s early 70’s when it was somewhat a rarity to see many deer …Watched as the numbers and limits went up . When I was a kid and young adult you could only kill one deer …a Buck …! The state went from that  to increased limits of half a dozen (only 1 buck  ) in a single county without special permits …One could bounce from county to county and easily double that .


    Needless to say , it has been over 6-7 years of watching a great deer hunting state transformed back to that when it was rare to see them…..Yet the tags are sold business as usual only recently slightly restricting limits….The “Damage” is done.

    This isn’t a OHIO isolated event going by the conversations I have had with hunters from other areas of the United States …..Our kill numbers have been dropping roughly between 10’000–20’000 steadily  since 2010.That’s roughly 10’000–20’000 fewer deer kills than the previous year !I hunted Hard this year , as I try to do every year . I actually seen more deer this year than last .My total sightings , 9 different deer .  6 does , and 3 bucks .  I luckily had 3 of those in bow range ….yet only one in range with a actual shot opertunity . It was a young buck , and I am truly grateful of the gift that little buck has given.

    Don’t get me wrong , I am truly grateful for the opertunity to hunt , pursue . That alone is a gift I do not take lightly…


    So00  I thought it would be interesting to have a little member participation. Simply share your experience with your hunting areas in your neck of the woods …


  • RiverwolfRiverwolf
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    I apologize for the lack of fluency ….I started the thread about the time The Presidential address  started 😉The gift.... ….Little distracted with process of thought to paper . Should have stopped and continued after .

    I think you get the point . Out of curiosity I thought it would be nice to share a quick number count of your sightings -opportunities-and if that is somewhat average for the area compared to previous seasons .

  • TMS
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    I was fortunate enough to see a number of deer throughout the bow and firearms seasons here in Central NYS (about a 100 mile radius from Syracuse). I wasn’t as fortunate with the taking during bow season. Had one potential 30 yard shot but the deer never gave an angle and it would have been through brush anyway. So that wasn’t the time and place for me. I was successful with the taking during firearms season but that’s not a story for this forum.

    To the original question, I saw a number of good deer this year and so did many of my neighbors.

  • RiverwolfRiverwolf
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    Thanks for the reply .

    Would you say it was a typical (on a sightings/opertunity) year compared to say the last 5-6 seasons ?

    Lots goes into averages , but if you have been @ it for awhile , and doing so in the same area one has a pretty good feel for the overall deer herd .

    For example I have Hunting the same area for over 20 years now, and  the last 5-6 has been drastic reduction in deer numbers . 6-7 years ago hunting the same area and often the same trees and blinds I would have 8-10 opportunities (whether I pursued the opertunity or not) on a given year …The last 3-4 I’m seeing maybe 10% of  the deer I used to  , and only 2-3 opportunities in a long hard hunting season .


    I’ve had many conversations with hunters from all over the US , and this seems to be happening in a lot of the Nation .  I mentioned this trend back 5-6 years ago on another forum …Many agreed , and some didn’t .  Funny , many that didn’t are now getting a Big wake-up call with the kill numbers to back what I have been seeing for many years . The deer herd simply can’t sustain such numbers of does being harvested with such liberal numbers  allowed for that many years .

    I have self restricted myself for many years now . Even when the numbers were High I never purchased  more than 3 tags . Even though those years I could have went for 6 in my county alone . The last few years I have hunted until I get one (had two year I ate tag soup) or go without . Sadly self imposed restraint beyond the law is not the norm …Hence  the devastation .

    Deer numbers will and  have always fluctuated , but this isn’t normal …Its near irradiation in heavily hunted areas due to the liberal tag sales and numbers permitted per hunter . Coupled with nuisance permits being handed out to farmers , etc. etc.. and the picture begins to get pretty dark.

  • stephen measles
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    Riverwolf, I can relate. Numbers in my area of SE Oklahoma have been on decline for the last fifteen years. Mostly due to poaching but the 2011 drought also had a devastating effect on the herd. My area is largely wilderness and and almost no land lease money influx, thus almost no involvement from the game department.

    I am forced to travel to hunt as opportunities on my own property are extremely limited.

    I did have some great close (ground hunting) experiences on some good bucks this year at a WMA. Only one shot opportunity though and hit an obstruction which resulted in a tag soup year for me.

    Other areas in Oklahoma are not experiencing the same problem and I’m thankful for that. Also very thankful for the opportunity to hunt and never take that for granted.

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