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  • R2R2
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    I bought this compressed straw bale today at Tractor Supply for $10.  It’s a regular sized bale compressed to 18″ x 24″ x 12″ thick. Pretty darn tight.

    I built the stand out of old fencing material I scrounged and figured if the bale failed it would work for a bag target or something.

    Could even mount a 3D target on since I didn’t get anything with my bow to mount on the wall this year (we eatin venison tho, nuff said on that😉)

    That straw may wear out quick, may eat the sealant up on my wood arrows. For $10 we’ll see.

    I’ll keep it posted as it progresses.

  • Stephen Graf
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    Was it sold as a compressed?  Or was it just an extra tight straw bale?  Just curious.

    I started with straw bales but switched to hay.  Hay costs more, but it’s denser and stops the arrows better and lasts way longer.  And when it’s worn out, I toss it over the fence to the sheep and they take care of it for me.

    My experience is that it won’t hurt the arrow finish, unless it gets wet.  When it starts to compost inside, it makes some amazing stain that will turn your arrows a funky camo.

  • R2R2
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    Steve they are compressed. That little bundle of straws weighs 50#.

    One can get different types of hay compressed also but it’s double the price.

    I’ll experiment for $10 and if it lasts for a time next I’ll buy some hay and when it falls apart  I can then feed the sheep in the pasture out back.  There be about a 100 head of sheep, for the most part, and goats.


    They love my grass clippings…………..It’s quite interesting to watch the power struggles that take place when I dump my mower buckets over the fence.  Way better fun than the ones I read about.

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