About Jason R. Wesbrock

Regular TBM contributor Jason Wesbrock makes his home in Illinois where he lives with his wife Christine and daughter Rachel. In addition to taking several dozen North American big game animals, he has used his skills with a traditional bow to win numerous state, national, and world archery championships.

Treestand Safety

With my 14 year-old daughter now beginning her journey as a bowhunter, I often find myself contemplating how things have changed since I was her age. Back then tree stand safety simply meant you didn’t sit on dead limbs—no safety harnesses, manufactured portable tree stands, climbing sticks, et cetera. One of my favorite [...]

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Anchoring for Accuracy

One evening I was at an archery club when a local coach asked me to work with one of his up and coming adult barebow shooters. We’ll call her Janet. He pointed her out and commented on certain elements of her form that were excellent, yet her accuracy at twenty yards was quite [...]

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Walking the String

One of the best things about barebow shooting is its diversity. There is no one "correct" way to do it. Spend a day at most traditional shoots and you'll see people differing in how they hold the string, hold their bows, draw, anchor, and aim. Over the past 26 years I've tried countless [...]

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