About Bruce Smithhammer

Bruce lives in Teton Valley, Idaho, where he hunts with his longbow and follows his German shorthair over the horizon during bird season. He does freelance work for a number of outdoor publications.

Emergency Gear in the Backcountry

“Everybody understood one thing in the mountains—that he must keep his life by his own courage and valor, or at the least by his own prudence.”—Joe Meek, Rocky Mountain Trapper, 1829 The lure of remote country is strong. As hunters, we long to explore off the beaten path, in search of a wilderness [...]

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Rubber O-Rings for Screw-on Points

No one likes a loose, rattling field point. A while back, I found myself in one of those massive 'hook and bullet' stores where the plethora of contraptions and schwag facing the bowhunter borders on the ridiculous. In retrospect, I fully attribute my poor impulse control to subliminal messaging being piped through the [...]

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Fur Tracers

I've seen "fur arrow tracers" selling on some specialty sites for as much as $5 for enough material to wrap a dozen arrows. Instead, you can go to just about any fly shop (or some craft shops) and buy rabbit fur "zonker strips" in a sufficient quantity to wrap 6 dozen arrows or [...]

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