Surprisingly, when we practice shooting we usually stand upright, and rarely do we shoot kneeling. When hunting from the ground we find ourselves trying to get lower to escape detection and, since sitting isn’t a viable option for shooting, we often end up having to shoot from a kneeling position. Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to kneel? When kneeling to shoot, make sure that your leading leg–the leg closest to the target–is the knee that you put down.


The wrong way to kneel while shooting. The leg nearest the target should be down.

Having your leading leg up can cause interference with your bowstring or lower limb. Also, when swinging with your target, you may encounter interference with your front leg if it is up. Why not put both knees down? If you need to stand up in a hurry, then you have one less leg to move. Hopefully knowing a better way to kneel may help you someday.