Meet the man who started it all…

Back in 1988, T.J. Conrads had a dream. Fed up with the lack of traditional archery information in any bowhunting magazines of the day, he founded the first magazine totally dedicated to the traditional archer and bowhunter. Once laughed at for trying to bring Traditional Bowhunter™ Magazine to print, his dream now has launched the most explosive resurgence of traditional values in hunting this century. Today, publishers and manufacturers who had turned their backs on the traditional archer only a short decade ago, now have returned to addressing this increasing number of archers throughout the world.

Today Conrads hunts with his Black Widow longbow and has hunted throughout the
West and South, including Alaska and Canada, and has traveled as far as France and Africa in his quest to see the game animals of the world. He devotes his time between editing and overseeing the production of Traditional Bowhunter®, bowhunting, speaking, writing and
photographing the outdoor experience. He has written two books: The Traditional Bowhunter’s Handbook, and Campfire Reflections. He is currently in the process of writing a third book, and is gathering technical data for his fourth, which is a follow on to the Handbook.

T.J. currently resides near Boise, Idaho, in a log home on a small ranch with his wife Robin, their black lab, Molly and Sherman, the one-eyed cat.

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