With the introduction and popularity of replaceable blade knives, carrying extra blades and discarding the used ones safely can be an issue. I carry this simple solution in my day sack. The good blades and the dull blades can be carried in one safe container. The large container for Mini M&M’s works well for Outdoor Edge blades and the smaller Mini M&M’s container works well for the Havalon series knives. When I get home, I wrap the old blades in duct tape and discard them in the trash. It is irresponsible to throw used blades on the ground or leave them out in the woods. Putting them into a container protects everyone from getting cut by a blade that has been discarded in an unsafe place. Plus you get to enjoy a great snack whenever you need a container.

Editor’s Note: A very astute mom/hunter pointed out that you should also remove or cover the label so that a child does not think there is candy inside.