Unfortunately, Larry passed away in October 2014 after a valiant fight with cancer. He was our friend, business partner and hunting partner for many years, and he will be sorely missed.

Larry Fischer spent over half his life pursuing big game with his bow.

He was the Co-Publisher and Advertisement Manager for Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine. He was the first person to come back to T.J. with a strong desire to see this magazine come to life.

He hunted across the United States, Canada, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. He believed in getting involved in bowhunting and bowhunting issues and was instrumental in the passage of the current bowhunting equipment restrictions in Idaho, the toughest in the nation and something he is very proud of.

He was a life member of Professional Bowhunters Society and served many years on the Council, and took his turn as President. He was also a member of the Traditional Bowhunters of Montana, Traditional Archers of Oregon, Compton Traditional Bowhunters, the National Rifle Association, and one of the founders of the Idaho Traditional Bowhunters.

Larry lived in the foothills above Boise, Idaho, with his wife Belinda, their hound, Annie, and bird dog, Buddy. They raised four children, Blake, Diana, Jake and Becky.

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