A lifelong resident of Oregon, Jerry and his bride of 30 years, Nancy, reside in Eugene.

He has been bowhunting with traditional gear since 1989. Not coincidently, he sold his first magazine cover photo to TBM the same year. Now almost 20 years and around 30 covers & a couple dozen articles later, Jerry is still photographing & writing for TBM, and harassing the local deer herd with stick & string, sometimes successfully.

His love of nature & wildlife photography has led him to teaching workshops, which have been enthusiastically received. He also enjoys flyfishing, much to the trout’s amusement.

You can view some of Jerry’s award winning work at www.carpe-lumen.net.

Articles by Jerry Gowins, Jr.
Issue Article
Fall 91 Passing on the Tradition
Apr/May 97 The Men of the Claw
Feb/Mar 98 A Conversation with Wes Wallace
Wes Wallace Custom Bows
Jun/Jul 98 The Decoy
Oct/Nov 98 The Whistle
Aug/Sep 00 Photography Tips for the Hunting Archer
Oct/Nov 00 Ostrander Lights
Dec/Jan 01 Getting Published
Apr/May 01 Filter Basics
Feb/Mar 02 Chet’s Place
Oct/Nov 02 Outdoor Photography 101
35mm SLR or Point and Shoot?
Dec/Jan 03 Outdoor Photography 101
35mm Lenses
Feb/Mar 03 Interview with Ron & Debbie King
Fox Archery
Apr/May 03 Outdoor Photography 101
Sharp Diversity
Jun/Jul 03 Outdoor Photography 101
Shooting the Rapids
Dec/Jan 04 Outdoor Photography 101
Sunsets & Silhouettes
Feb/Mar 04 Outdoor Photography 101
Sunsets & Silhouettes
Apr/May 04 Outdoor Photography 101
Wildlife Basics
Aug/Sep 04 Outdoor Photography 101
Hero or Villain
Dec/Jan 05 Outdoor Photography 101
Depth of What?
Apr/May 05 Outdoor Photography 101
Fall Photography
Dec/Jan 06 Christmas Wishes
Feb/Mar 07 The Legacy of the Little Delta Bow
Oct/Nov 07 Traditional Digital?
Jun/Jul 08 Bubba and the Levites
Aug/Sep 08 Snaking a Glass Bow
Jun/Jul 12 An Interview with Jason Hairston of KUIU
Aug/Sep 13 Bucket List ‘Bou
Aug/Sep 13 Meet Dave Doran of Archery Past