Those of you who have hunted thirty-plus years may already know about these silencers. I do not recall who told me about them in the mid-sixties when I got my first Fred Bear recurve, but they were on that bow. Later, when I regressed to “training-wheels” in the seventies, they worked there also. After much psychotherapy, I found my way to longbows.

Bicycle inner tubes? Yes! Cut a narrow width perpendicular to the tube so that you get a “ring.” Loop it around the string, pass it through itself, cinch it up tight, and you are “silenced.”

These silencers are waterproof, free and easily attached while the bow is strung. Any bicycle shop will have a garbage can full of “bad” tubes. Cut a few extras, and carry them in your pack in case you lose one while hunting. You can also use whole tubes for tie-downs around camp, etc.

I have two beautiful Pronghorn longbows now, 50# and 60#. One has the “way-cool” muskox fur silencers, and the other has inner tubes. I can shoot both bows with the same arrows, either beautiful Whispering Wind woodies or heavy Grizzly-Stiks. The bow with the inner tube silencers is a lot quieter.

Traditional? Well no, but neither are rubber Cat-Whiskers. If quiet is important, and you can live with a bit of bicycle tube on your string, I feel you will be well pleased with the results:silence.