I discovered this “cure” somewhat by accident. I am extremely sensitive to chiggers. Within two days a chigger bite will swell as large as a quarter and turn as dark as a liver spot. This week at church camp I had an encounter with the little buggers. Out of desperation I applied some hand sanitizer to the bites and, to my surprise, I found instant relief.

As an added bonus, many of the bites stayed small, as they would on most people. I had over twenty bites on my legs with six advanced to the swelling stage, but the others diminished. It didn’t work for every bite, but it had a definite effect on most of them.

Editor’s Note: I was skeptical when I got this tip…until I tried it. Mine was a mosquito bite and it took the itch away within minutes, and it didn’t flare up again. The solution will also kill any bacteria that may cause infection.

I found several other home remedies for itchy bug bites: rub it with the inside of a banana peel; rub a dry bar of soap on a bite to stop the itch; spread some peppermint toothpaste on the bite; or heat a spoon with hot tap water and carefully apply it to the bite. Over the counter remedies, such as camphor, witch hazel, alcohol and cortizone also work well if you have them available. The best advice–don’t scratch! That’s easier said than done! ~Robin