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Stephen Graf
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Here’s the part that tells me the guy may not be a hunter:

“As a recorder captured the ruckus, its instigator grinned with delight. “For birds, this is like a riot,” Dr. Greene said afterward, adding that he heard “a whole set of acoustic stuff going on that’s just associated with predators.” The distinctions are subtle — “even good naturalists and birders can miss this stuff,” he added.”

I hear this all the time, and can easily tell when a hawk, or owl comes through the woods. No need to look up from my nap 😆

I thought the article was pretty predictable as I read it and got to the above paragraph. But then it started getting better. Very interesting stuff, especially the road noise analysis.

I know I get depressed when I hear constant road noise. Takes the life right out of me.

And I was impressed with his family structure. All science minded, including the kids. What fun!

Thanks for sharing!