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Steve there are pastures and there are pastures.

Some have the ‘lower forty’ and some have somewhat bigger ‘lower forties”. This particular pasture is about two miles square, one major canyon running through it, several “smaller” ones all heading into the Canadian River bottom which is choked with salt cedar (tamarix)..


There were about 75 head of longhorns in the pasture and they were moving them into the river bottom. Longhorns can be very wily critters so 7 cowboys and one “cowlady:roll:” were spread out combing the brush and canyons. Bunch of racket too, whooping and hollering.

I did see two small herds of muley does spooked and hooking it, the whitetails tend to sneak off before trouble gets there.

It is a sight to watch the cowboys working cattle on a ranch.

As far as carrying arrows, I carry a G Fred type quiver made by Vista that I’ve had far longer than I’ve known about G Fred quivers.

Perhaps I carry the one arrow for me in case I’m fixing to get captured by the Comanche!!!