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Steve Sr.
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While all hunters fill their lives with memories that are relived often, it is the trad community that I feel best understands what it is all about and is more often inclined to go back in time, even if only a few decades to relive the beauty held then and make it new.

We (us “older” folk) are in a dying breed of those who WILL be able to go back as you have and once again snatch onto an old trad bow or arrows of years past and still enjoy them.

NO offense to those starting out with wheelies but I hope to Heavens none of you go back to them with “fond” memories but it is quite imaginable that some will.

Old equipment often meets a disdainful eye carried in my hands and it does indeed hurt me when I have such a “deerless” season such as I have faced this year. Corn, too warm, southerly winds that kill my woods havent helped as well as LOTS of coyotes. Last night was the FIRST young deer I have seen in a month. Not good but saw 3 more today so hoping it was bad timing yet deer numbers seen are about 1/4 of last year and Im PANICING. lol

Somehow, I put pressure on myself to “prove” what does NOT NEED proved and that is that bows of bowyers past are as lethal as ever.

Anyway…..OT again. lol

LOVE seeing that some recall days gone by even if our present day offers us many more trad options. For me, technology has creeped into our sport a bit more than I would like so…..I just limit myself to what has shown me for decades works, has worked and will work even if I do play with “numbers” a bit.

Pass it forward, there is a youngster somewhere in all our lives that someday needs to tell a story like yours and venture forth turning old memories into new ones.

Thank you for sharing.

God Bless!