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William Warren
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It saddens me to to hear these things, though my own state has similar problems and even if you join a private club the membership has its own politics with a certain amount or jockeying and posturing if not outright domintating the prime areas of the property. Though I have not been personally threatened it has happened to people I know. I have mostly hunted public land and was fortunate to have access through private land that put me at least 2 miles from any access point. That was a sweet place. Sigh. But even so we had a round or 2 with criminals poaching by driving deer during squirrel season claiming to be squirrel hunting. The game warden came out and said these were hardened criminals and if saw them we should leave and call him so we did. Guess he finally caught them.
Like Hiram said document and record. NC has a harrassment law that was intended to protect against the Antis, I bet Indiana has one too. Harrassment is harrassment no matter what the source is. Shame it is other hunters, if you can call these hunters. These laws are designed to protect the hunter while engaging in lawful activity. I would insist that you are being harrassed while engaged in a lawful activity and put the responsibility on Law Enforcement. I would call the District Attorney’s office to find out if such a law exists in your state and if so why isn’t it being enforced. All of this harrassment is not helping your health issues Steve, you need to take care of yourself first. Good luck wit hthis and I hope you can find a peaceful hunt.