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747pilot wrote: [quote=ssumner1]Thanks guys, I will take it all into consideration. My arrows fly true, so I don’t want to alter anything currently. To come to think of it, I just fletched the arrow the night before and I did not put a drop on the ends like I usually do. I honestly didn’t ever do it for that reason, but so they would not fall off if it went through some rough brush.


One other thing that helps. Take another arrow with a field point installed and use the field point as a “steam roller” to squash the leading edge of the feather back towards the nock end of the arrow about 1/4″ (in other words, only the first 1/4″ gets mushed). Helps quite a bit.

Along this line, I picked up a great tip in Maine bear camp few weeks ago… Use light drum on Dremel tool and touch 3 or 4x to that leading edge. Even with carbons I’ve gotten that edge feathered to almost imperceptible seam. Then light drop fletch tire and should be all set.