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First year shooting carbons with my longbow, I was shooting so well that I was banging arrows together. I happened to damage an arrow without my knowledge and the next time that I shot the arrow it exploded into 3 different pieces. The field point end went flying off to the left down range, the middle section flew directly to my left of me and the knock end some how ended up behind me. My string hit my bicep all the way down my arm to my arm guard. Before I realized it was my string that hit my arm I thought I was going to have bits of carbon sticking out of my arm. Thankfully it was only a giant string welt. Needless to say anytime that I see a damage arrow of any sort I break it in half and toss it away even if it is one of the first dozen shots with it….which has happened. I inspect my arrows anytime I hear them bang together now to make sure they are still safe to shoot.

I have also had a nock point break upon release of my woody arrows and sent my arrow flying practically sideways before it hit a tree and broke.