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I have a pair for running and they are _great_. I can feel pebbles down to about 1/8″, but sharp rocks just give a minor poke (no penetration so far!). For off-trail use, my only complaint is that you often get weeds stuck between your toes. I have not had blisters with them and my feet tend to feel warmer than they would wearing regular shoes. For cold weather, Injinji (I hope I spelled that right) makes a 5-toed sock. These are good with any shoe.

For hunting, just wash them lots. Being so snug, they can build up an odor after a couple of days if you do not wash them.

If I can find the time soon, I plan to test them and my new jacket on the local (no hunting allowed) deer before taking them out ‘for real’. I will let y’all know what happens.