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Was out on the porch burning feathers (fletches) for arrows (while the girls got gussied up for church), and a flock of GEESE flew over. Tried to count, but lost it, as there were so many, moving so fast. They must have rested in the marsh, as it is flooded. Looks like a lake but only 3′ deep.

Audrey saw Mamma Skunk the other night poking around the back steps. I asked if Mamma was pregnant, but Audrey didn’t comment.

Still hear the wind chimes in the kitchen, and wind whistling in the living room (as we have all winter). Hear both in the bedroom, which makes us feel good to be warm, and cozy when it is so cold outside.

Audrey saw robins (finally) at the cemetery this morning (lots of them) while leaving flowers.

We also found the fire pit (actually it is a truck wheel rim) sticking out of the big snow bank.

Audrey and I are shooting arrows daily now….

In my weekly “walk in the woods” I went thru the ice (Audrey just made a comment about walking on water) and got a boot full of water. I thought about building a fire to dry off, but since I was only a mile out and everything is sooooo wet, I went home so I could empty the boot on the kitchen floor, and put dry clothes on then go back. Didn’t see anything alive, just lots of tracks, and enough deer droppings to cover the garden about a foot deep. If I could get my trailer in there I wouldn’t have to go to the stable for horse manure.

Robins, geese… Now we need to hear the spring peepers…

Audrey just asked: “Do they have them everywhere?”

I responded: I don’t think R2 has them in the desert, but we can ask?