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David Petersen
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Mike — I would hunt anything on the continent with my #55 Classic Hunter with the appropriate arrow set-up. The primary differences between recurves and longbows, in the past, were that recurves could be shorter without string pinch or stacking, and also tend to be more forgiving of minor flaws in form. The advent and continued refinement of the deflex-reflex longbow limb, in which Shrew is a pioneer, has changed all that. Recurves still tend to have deeper hand grips, but the Shrews, like many modern longbows, offer a nice compromise that’s easily adapted to. But try to shoot one first, if you know anyone who has one. Despite all the exceptional features of the Shrews, not all archers can adapt to short bows. But then again, you can get a Super Shrew at standard lengths. But yet again, a short bow that performs in most ways as a longer bow is to me a primary draw to Shrew. And an amazing price, starting at $675 for most models. If you want a new one, get your name on the list right now and settle in for a long wait. If you get a used Shrew, be sure it was built by Gregg Coffey, who also makes the very cool JavaMan bows. I just checked the site and there are two new lefty Shrews available now without a wait: a Classic Hunter longbow and a Lil Favorite recurve. I have no idea why but there always seem to be more LH Shrews available than RH. Hope that helps, dave

Happy Shrew-heads at elk camp 2010: Dave Petersen, Alex Bugnon, Dave Sigurslid

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