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Bruce Smithhammer
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lyagooshka wrote: So you fell for the “take the puppy home to your kids, you can always bring it back…” routine…

Ha. Yeah…hook, line and sinker. Again. 🙄

The most painful part is that it arrived at the PO on Sat morning, but we were on our way to Montana for a few days. So I raced over there as soon as they opened, brought it home, unpacked it, drooled over it, and then had to leave it behind without even shooting it once. I tried really hard not to think about it for the last 4 days…

Finally got back home tonight and threw about 50 arrows with it. The grip fits my hand beautifully. It’s the longest bow I own – I usually opt for at least several inches shorter, and a little more poundage. But that extra length and moderate weight make for a very sweet-drawing bow that I can shoot all day without thinking about it. And the name is not a misnomer – it’s a snappy shooter for sure. Tomorrow I’ll take it for a hike and put it more thoroughly through its paces, but all first impressions are that it’s a solid “11” out of 10.